Mitral Academy at the 2017 AATS Mitral Conclave in New York

Mitral Academy at the 2017 AATS Mitral Conclave in New York

Mitral Academy - Association founded and chaired by Prof. Giuseppe Speziale with the aim of promoting research and sharing the best treatment for mitral valve disease - will be present on April 27th and 28th at AATS Mitral Conclave, the most important medical and scientific symposium in the world dedicated to mitral valve surgery which will be held at the Hilton Hotel in Midtown New York.

Prof. Khalil Fattouch, Head of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery Unit Vascular at Maria Eleonora Hospital, Palermo will be attending this prestigious scientific meeting as a representative of Mitral Academy.

The meeting -which provides an occasion of great expectation and excitement – will include nearly 2,000 participants. It is organized by AATS - American Association For Thoracic Surgery - and its prominent representative will be Professor David Adams, director of "Mitral Valve Repair Reference Center" at Mount Sinai Hospital and one of the board of directors at the Mitral Academy.

The Mitral Conclave is a recognition of high level expertise and professionalism that distinguishes members of Mitral Academy, characterized by a scientific board of national and international professionals in the mitral area. The procedures and methodologies acquired in the field of cardiac, minimally invasive, ultra mini invasive surgery as well as the continuous training of the aforementioned professionals, have helped to create the conditions to reach such notable results.

Participation in Mitral Conclave tangibly demonstrates the excellence of the path taken by Mitral Academy, intended to accrue new studies, research, technological advances and emerging perspectives, supplemental information of anatomical problems, knowledge about new devices for surgical and restorative practice as well as the latest guidelines.

The association is proud to be an active part of the two days devoted to mitral surgery and will therefore strengthen its know-how especially in favor of patients, thanks to contributions of diagnosis and initiatives of major international specialists in the treatment of diseases affecting the mitral valve which are expected to increase in the future.