MICS 2016

The first Mitral Conferences promoted by MItral Academy
MIcs 2018

What is the state-of-the-art for mitral valve surgery?

The best national and international professionals answered this question, offering numerous points of comparison and debate, at a meeting in Rome last 17th-18th June on the occasion of MICS 2016; this was the first appointment organized by the Mitral Academy, a cultural association whose goals include a common work platform dedicated to the progress gained in the medical-scientific field by mitral valve surgery.

“Through MICS and through the activity of the Mitral Academy - explained Dr. Giuseppe Speziale, who presides over its Board of Directors - we want to bring to the attention of public opinion what we have done and what we are doing, having available today excellent and innovative minimally invasive/ultra-minimally invasive techniques to treat mitral valve diseases. And this keeping in mind, with respect for individual roles, the centrality of the patients, who should be guaranteed reliable, transparent and complete information so they can make more informed choices than in the past. MICS and Mitral Academy can provide important interpretations based on mitral experience, whose growth is dictated both by the constant training of surgeons and by the results obtained at the high operating volume Centers: indeed, there is a close correlation between the number of mitral valve operations - performed per individual Center and per individual specialist - and the clinical success of the procedure. MICS 2016 was an occasion, as authoritative platform, to receive new indications from the political-health bodies - and here I am referring to the specificity of our country - on the organization and planning of future hospitals and on the therapeutic opportunities to the benefit of patients. Goals to be achieved together - I am still referring to Italy - with the ministerial control bodies, through adoption of ad hoc national plans”. 

MICS 2018